As you may know, I am in recovery from Borderline Personality Disorder. Just a couple of decades ago, “recovery” and “BPD” were not uttered in the same sentence in the professional mental health community. Boy, we’ve come a long way!

I learned skills that helped me to be in recovery:  I no longer meet the criteria for a BPD diagnosis.

I am not just surviving; I am THRIVING. I now dedicate my life to helping others — sufferers, professionals who want to better understand, and loved ones like YOU.

I know first-hand many of the complicated situations and emotions you face as a loved one of someone suffering from a serious mental illness like BPD or bipolar disorder or someone who is very emotionally sensitive or who has trouble handling intense emotions.

Through DBT Path, I offer webinars, classes, and service not just for sufferers but also for YOU.  Some are free, others have a fee.   By signing up for this list, you’ll be the first to know of such offerings and have the opportunity to obtain the support and insight you’re seeking.

Thank you for joining my tribe of family members and loved ones looking for hope and encouragement.   You’ll find that here.


In kindness,

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